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Charities have the same Knowledge Graph and reviews as other local businesses.

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Charitable organizations operate in the same connected environment as for-profit businesses. Potential donors read customer reviews that praise and critique how charities execute on their mission at each location.

Charities must navigate the ever-changing landscape of systems and tools provided by Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms in order to achieve their stated mission.

LocalClarity wishes to support this good work by offering deeply discounted review and response management. Contact us directly for pricing for your organization.


MiShop.local – Why Charities Need to Manage the Online Presence of Their Shops

Charity Shops Need to Manage Reputations Just Like Any Other Business

Charity shops and local charity service providers are like any other retail business; people want to know when they are open, where they are located, the services offered and how to donate or volunteer. And just like with regular businesses, it’s wrong to assume that people go directly to the charity’s website to get this information. Instead, they start with Google to search for opening times, contact details, directions, products, and services. People also read and write reviews and ask questions about local services.

Google’s heavy investment in the Google My Business platform and Local Guides extends to charities. The Knowledge Graph for a specific location is the first touch point for most people searching for local information. A Google My Business profile is the most important digital asset charities have in local search.

Charities also know that a “thank you” can go a long way towards keeping patrons connected and returning. This is just as true in public review forums as in private.

The LocalClarity system is designed to help maintain strong relationships with existing and potential “customers” by providing a streamlined ReviewsInbox that allows a small staff to manage reputations effectively.

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