77% of Patients turned to online reviews when initially selecting a physician.


Rapid Evolution

Emerging evidence suggests that in choosing a physician, patients increasingly want to turn to online review sites. A 2014 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that 59% of the public felt that online rating sites were either somewhat important or very important in choosing a physician.

More recent data from 2016 indicate that this trend continues to grow, showing that 77% of patients turned to online reviews when initially selecting a physician.


Vivian Lee, a radiologist and former chief executive of UUHC, has written extensively about how online reviews lead to better communication between physicians and patients.


Harvard Business Review
“Why Doctors Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Online Reviews”, Vivian S. Lee

Better Reviews Connected to Better Outcomes

In a paper published in Academic Medicine, the data shows a clear link between the satisfaction of patients with their healthcare and improved health outcomes. And they similarly reported that with more satisfied patients, came a lower rate of malpractice litigation.

Hospitals, healthcare centers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals need to actively monitor all customer review sources to maintain the value of their reputations and to assure an active flow of communication with patients.


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