79% of Consumers Trust an Online Review as much as a Personal Recommendation.


The Data Is Clear On Retailer Review Impact

Numerous research studies and surveys demonstrating the impact of reviews on retailers. Some of the key findings from a thorough Dimension Research Study include:

  • 88% of survey respondents have been influenced by an online customer service review making a buying decision
  • 95% share bad experiences and 87% share good experiences with others
  • 54% share bad experiences with more than five people and 33% share good experiences with more than five people
  • 58% are more likely to tell customers about their customer service experiences today than they were five years ago


Dimensional Research Whitepaper
“Customer Service and Business Results”

Companies Need to Listen

Businesses need to remember that reviews are one of the best sources of valuable customer feedback. Reviews provide insights into what are your customers saying about your product and services, your employees, your facilities, and your brand.

You can only truly understand how your customers view your brand by monitoring and analyzing the trends and patterns within reviews over time and across locations. Use analysis to extract insights into which locations or regions are doing a better job of connecting to customers and which need to address issues.

The use of mobile for location-based information continues to rise. Customers are looking at reviews for information about your business. They want to see both positive and negative reviews on your review page profiles — and how you respond to these comments.


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