Review Generation – More Reviews Equals More Customers (coming soon…)

Increased Sales

Quite simply, reviews boost sales.

In 2019, it is impossible to overstate the importance to local business owners of everything related to reviews. Average rating scores, review content, authenticity, and business responses have become the currency of modern marketing.

While customer feedback has always been important in the selection process (i.e., new customers pick the business that has positive feedback from past customers) it is an increasingly important aspect of a location’s data set. A company without a solid set of reviews will see its exposure in competitive local search results diminish compared to any well-reviewed local competitors.

Strong, current, honest reviews help business get found and then get selected.


Any business location with a review score under 4.0 will generally be filtered out of local search results when a qualifier such as “good”, “best”, or “highly rated” is used. Don’t let this happen to you.

LocalClarity Review Generation

We provide the platform and the process to proactively reach out to your customer with a review requests.

Work with our onboarding team to customize the review request email with your color, logo, and message. Then, simply enter or upload the customer content details and our system will reach out with a request for the platform of choice. Need to overwhelm a poor review on one platform, simply redirect requests to that platform to make certain it represents your business correctly.

Please note that Review Generation is not yet available. It is currently planned to launch at the end of October 2019. Contact us for a personalized quote that includes review generation.

Please Leave Feedback


Shortcuts will not work. Only authentic, balanced reviews will be convincing to both potential customers and the gatekeepers.

A number of companies promise all 4/5-Star reviews by only asking customers who have provided positive feedback to leave reviews to Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Customers will negative feedback receive a direct, private response. We do not support this “review gating” practice. It is specifically banned by Google, and be warned that a sudden glut of positive reviews not only looks odd to customers it can also result in the removal of all reviews and suspending listings.

Research studies have shown that the best possible review score (in terms of its ability to drive business success metrics) is not 5.0. Companies with generally strong reviews, but also a collection of negative comments are perceived as the most genuine.

Star Ratings


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Don’t Get Left Behind

It’s always best to approach reputation management proactively. Companies need to set as a strategic priority the effort to actively engage with customers, listen to their concerns, and work to turn them into brand ambassadors that will actively spread the word about the companies exceptional products or services.

If your business is not yet investing in the process, you need to think about the competition.

What would happen if all of your key competitors suddenly had 200% to 300% more reviews, and their average review scores increase by a full 1/2 star while your profile remained the same? What would be the impact on your business?

LocalClarity was built to provide businesses of all sizes near instant reputation enhancement. Get started. Today.

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