Agency Edition

Designed to provide agencies with streamlined customer review and insight management – at the right price.


You understand the power that reviews counts, scores, and comments have on local SEO rankings, click-through rates, and brand engagement. The LocalClarity Agency Edition provides everything you need to monitor, respond, maintain, and report — at scale and across clients.


Empowering your Business

Our goal is to empower your local and SEO agency business by providing cost-effective technology solutions that scale as your business evolves. We are continually updating our technology and the support we provide to clients.

Partnership in Expertise

We support our agency partners with proprietary research, best practices, private case studies, and industry news. Agencies share with us their challenges and opportunities so that we can build upon our existing services.


It is our goal to help agencies establish and maintain a competitive edge.

International Scope

We are proud to work with a number of agencies that support local businesses around the world. The platform is designed to facilitate reviews and review responses in your language of choice.

Multiple Accounts & Profiles

We make it easy for agencies to mimic their existing structures with Google My Business or web reviews by allowing multiple accounts and profiles within accounts — all rolled up to per location pricing at the aggregate level.


Multiple Profiles per Account

Agencies can establish distinct client profiles with a single account, taking advantage of account-level group pricing while keeping all reporting and performance visibility distinct.

Client Reporting

Reporting directly from the platform can be used to keep clients up-to-date on all review and insight metrics.


If a review can be written in the language, LocalClaity supports the response back to Google or other web review platform.

Development Recommendations

Agencies are actively invited to contribute to the development roadmap request and voting process. We want to know what will make you successful.

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