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Personal Services

The Single Most Popular Way to Find and Research a Lawyer is Online, beating out “Asking a Friend or Relative”.

Personal Services

The Personal Service industry encompasses an incredibly wide range of practices, from legal and engineering to portrait studios and barber shops, and from marketing and graphic design to daycare and babysitting. Independent of the type or size of the business, reputation management is becoming a priority.


Reviews counts & scores are now factored into Google’s local search rankings for service companies.


Law Journal Newsletter
“Review Marketing Becomes Top Priority”, Larry Bodine

Take Control By Responding

Service companies have a powerful, yet simple tool to improve their reputation and increase profits — responding to customers reviews.

The virtuous cycle of thoughtful review responses:

  • Almost all consumers expect companies to respond to at least some reviews
  • Most consumers believe that responding businesses “care about their customers”
  • Nearly half of customers have a better opinion of a business that responds to reviews
  • Companies that respond to reviews tend to get more positive reviews
  • Companies that respond to reviews tend to receive fewer negative reviews
  • Companies with more reviews and higher scores have both higher local search ranking and high click-through rates

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