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October Release Notes

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

UTM Building for Posts

Using existing functionality, we have released an update to our newest bulk post workflow to allow our users to create dynamic tracking links for an individual location’s posts.

More nuanced reporting

We always encourage our users to set up UTM tracking parameters for links on their Posts, as even with a Call-to-Action (CTA), there are known issues in the completeness of Google’s data. Through UTM tracking, our users receive an opportunity to gain better insights into the actual results of their posts.

With that in mind, we came to the decision to create a builder within our post workflow to encourage users to set those details up. We also have prepared a Best Practices Guide for anyone curious to learn more about tracking.

Set-up UTM tracking for your next Post launch!

Search Filter for Notification Center

Several weeks ago, we released a notification center to alert our users of community suggested edits to their Google locations. With our larger multi-location clients in mind, we decided to improve this center to allow users to better manage these alerts.

Using the Search box or dropdown filter as shown below, users can either search for a specific location or view locations with a specific community edit.

It’s our hope with this update that our users become more aware of any major changes to their listings, as well as regain the ability to reject any unwanted changes to their location details.

Review your community suggestions with our Notification Center!

Custom Auto-Response Variables

Our Intelligent Auto Response has always been a fan favorite of our clients, and taking some of the feedback we’ve received, we came to the happy decision to release a broader set of auto-insert variable options.

Custom Variables

Our auto-response templates allow for up to 6 different defined auto-insert variables which, for some, has been limiting. However, by understanding more of our client’s preferred use-cases, we were able to create a plan of action and execute.

Our users now have the ability to create and define their own set of auto-insert variables on both a profile level (e.g. Applies to all locations) and on a location level (e.g. Applies to just that location).

It is our hope to allow for more variety in review templates and assist our users in creating truly personalized responses.

Tailor your Auto-Response Campaign with our Custom Variables!

QOL Updates

Smaller, quality-of-life updates we hope users will appreciate.

Multi-search in ReviewsInbox

To provide a more rounded use of our search box, we have made an update to allow multiple search terms to be used within a singular search. This allows users to pull all reviews that contain any of the searched words.

Searches can then be saved as filters and applied throughout the application or used on any automated reporting. The same functionality is available for creating a filter on the names of the reviewers, but instead of a space between terms/phrases, users would use double pipes (||).

Attributes by Language

As we continue to improve platform accessibility across languages, we have made this update with our international partner’s needs in mind.

Our users can now view and download their attribute list within the language selected during a platform session.

It’s our hope to continue to provide updates like this to further the reach of LocalClarity.

Adding public email field

In preparation of our next major ReviewsInbox update, as well as with client’s who use notes frequently in mind, we have added the option for users to add a “public email” alongside the email they login with.

This new field allows our users to send notes from a chosen email address, as opposed to their own – Meaning that responses will flow into that email inbox instead of their own personal one.

Our users who need to ensure that all communication flows are controlled both in and out of their inbox, can better achieve that with this recent update.

It’s our hope that with this update, notes and their responses are easier to locate and organize.

Turning off chat bubble

This item is one that came directly from a handful of clients who found that while our chat bubble was a great resource to reach the team, it unfortunately got in the way of accessing details within the platform.

As we’ve mentioned before, we love receiving platform improvement requests from clients as they provide us great insight into our user’s everyday workflow. As such, to ensure that there are no issues with accessing different elements of the application, we have added the ability to turn our chat bubble on and off.

A major win for our clients still working from home with a limited screen resolution.

As always, please let us know if you have questions about these enhancements or if you have a suggestion.


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