On-Brand, Customized Review Responses Guaranteed to your Customers within 24 Hours.


For less than the cost of most competing platforms that requiring staffing and training, LocalClarity provides business and agencies with a turn-key solution where our trained experts respond directly to customer reviews.

Response Time SLA

Average response time of under 24 hours for 99% of targeted reviews – guaranteed.

All Review Platforms

Full integration with every platform that records your customer’s feedback. Gain the fullest possible coverage without hiring teams of customer service agents.

Review & Local SEO Audit

Comprehensive onboarding audit of your entire review history and local search profile to identify immediate improvements and set the foundation for long-term enhancements.

Review Purge

Identify and remove old negative reviews that do not adhere to platform policies for profanity, hate speech, personal attacks, etc.

Custom Review Responses

Craft a brand-specific inventory of review responses that address the majority of typical challenges.

Targeted Response Rates

Establish review response ratios customized to each business model and industry, setting the ideal percentage of responses for each star rating.

Complaint Escalation

Emergency issues are escalated to appropriate parties based on established criteria.

Comparison Reporting

Monthly reporting of performance by location, city, state, country, custom regions, or distinct brands.

Voice of Customer Emails

Daily emails presenting the exact customer commentary, rating stars, and business location to all designated company stakeholders.

Detailed Reporting

Extensive weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on reviews and local search performance.

Academic research & industry surveys validate the benefits of responding to customer reviews.

  • Customers expect review responses from brands.
  • Customers have better opinions of businesses that respond to reviews.
  • Review responses drive people to provide more reviews.
  • Review responses drive people to write more positive reviews.
  • Review responses drive people to write fewer negative reviews.
  • An increase in the review volume and rating improves local search placement.
  • The combination of better search placement and more reviews lead to higher search click-thru rates, more traffic, and increase sales.

The benefits are abundantly clear but roughly 2/3rd of businesses fail to respond to Google Local reviews. Why?

Review Growth Since 2015, Client 1
Review Growth Since 2015, Client 2
Review Growth Since 2015, Client 4
Real Examples of Google Review Growth Since 2015

Reason 1.
Astounding Growth

The volume of new Google reviews (powered by 50 million Local Guides) is catching most companies flat-footed. In fact, only LocalClarity client has experienced a 20 fold increase in monthly reviews since 2015. This is expected to double again this year.

In addition to the sheer volume of reviews, Google continues to drive change at an incredibly rapid pace. Immediately after launching the Local Guides program they added Local Posts to the local knowledge graph. Then they added Q&A. Then they added food and service menus. And now Google is changing the entire process for home service businesses.

Regardless of the resources allocated by even the largest companies, Google local search is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace – and no one expects them to slow down anytime soon.

Reason 2.
Business Organization

The active moderation of Google reviews overlaps the responsibility of several departments within a company. Depending on the company’s structure, it could fall under the purview of:

  • The SEO team, since it’s an unpaid Google program and improved search exposure is one of the core beneficiaries.
  • The Social team, since it closely follows the process of social conversations.
  • The Corporate Customer Service team, since at its core it is providing customer service.
  • The Local Management teams, since the complaints and the ultimate resolutions are typically local in nature.
  • The Marketing team, since the local search knowledge panel includes the menus, photography, etc.

Everyone agrees that engaging with a brand’s most engaged customer base is a high ROI activity, but they also agree that a considerable amount of organizational energy is typically required to start.

Review Response Responsibility

Smaller Companies Are Not Immune to the Challenges

For smaller companies and sole-proprietorships, the issue can still be who is responsible. The daily effort of running and growing a business running puts a strain on all available resources.

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