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November Releases: First Party Reviews, Hostelworld, Platform Control & More

Releases Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

First Party Reviews

In line with last month’s expansion on our integration list, we are pleased to announce that first-party review uploads are now available for all clients.

We are committed to building a comprehensive dashboard for our users to monitor all customer reviews with, and this latest release gives brands more flexibility by allowing them to import their own reviews into the application.

As you can see in the sample dashboard below, the company reviews are incorporated into all system processes for reporting and analysis.

To learn more about this workflow, and even how to automate this process, email us at [email protected].

New Review Platform, Hostelworld

To further support our hospitality industry clients, we are more than thrilled to announce our latest integration with Hostelworld.

This being one of the more difficult integrations we’ve worked on this year, but our relentless dedication to serving our client base helped make the release of this integration possible.

Hostelworld is an online booking site dedicated to connecting users with hostels across the globe. HostelWorld enables its users to locate hostels and budget accommodations within their target city and book instantly.


Happiness vs. NPS Setting

The Happiness Score presents overall custom satisfaction in a single, easy-to-benchmark number. It’s calculated by taking the percent of Happy customers (Promoters), subtracting the percent of Unhappy customers (Detractors), and ignoring the middle (Passives).

In the LocalClarity platform, “Happy” customers are represented by 4-Star & 5-Star reviews and “Unhappy” customers are represented by 1-Star & 2-Star reviews.

We now give users the ability to set the calculation to instead match the typical 10-point Net Promoter Score™ scale of 5-Stars (Promoters), minus 1/2/3-Stars (Detractors), ignoring 4-Stars (Passives)


You can log into your account and go to Settings > Profile Details

Date Format Control

Increasing options for profile tailoring has been a highly requested item from many of our international partners, and we’re more than happy to accommodate by making what was once only available to white label partners available to all profiles.

To support our growing international base, we have added the ability to set the preferred date format to fit locality preferences. User can select:


Quality of Life (QOL) Updates

We understand that sometimes it’s the cumulative effect of small enhancements that can have the largest impact on client satisfaction – and value creation. This month we have two material QOL updates.

TripAdvisor Full History

The TripAdvisor integration has been rebuilt from scratch, with the primary benefit of not accessing the entire history of all reviews and responses for every location in each profile.

Easier Location Integrations

The initial integration process requires a hand-off of information between users and the LocalClarity Client Success Team. As part of the rebuild for TripAdvisor and Yelp, we have also made it easier to directly connect new locations.

You can now provide the URLs directly for Yelp and TripAdvisor. Several more integration processes will be converted in December and January.

Intelligent Auto Response, More Campaigns

To accommodate a number of customers who are improving customer satisfaction and saving time by automatically responding to reviews with personalized responses we have increased the capacity of the platform to accommodate 20 simultaneous campaigns.

If you have not yet built your first campaign, take a look at our Intelligent Auto Response blog post and video.

We already know that December is going to be a big month for new functionality, enhancements to the existing processes, and additional integration partners. As always, please let us know if you have questions about these enhancements or if you have a suggestion.

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