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Intelligent Auto Response

Responding to customer reviews is one of the highest return-on-investment actions any brand can take. By responding to customer feedback businesses are:

  1. Making certain that the individual knows you have heard their feedback and you are prepared to act to resolve the issue or sincerely appreciate the praise.
  2. Demonstrating publicly that you’re listening/hearing the voice of your customers and making actionable changes to improve your business.
  3. Demonstrating to Google that you are actively engaging with customers, triggering signals to improve local search positioning and LCR (local conversion rate).
  4. Encouraging more future customers to engage with you via the reviews, causing an increase in future review volume (a positive search ranking signal), an increase in the number of words used by customers in future reviews (more user-generated content to be index by Google), and an increase in average review scores (the previously “silent” satisfied majority is engaged to leave positive reviews).

Despite the incredible benefits derived from “engaging with the most engaged”, we know that businesses and agencies of every size have a strong desire to make responding more efficient. Addressing this need has been at the core of the LocalClarity offering.

Saved Reply Templates

Saved Replies allowed users to respond to reviews with pre-built templates, improving productivity while also making certain that responses remain on-brand and use approved language. Saved Reply templates can be used to respond to Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, Booking and other direct integration platforms. Every new profile is launched with 26 saved reply templates immediately available.

Auto-Insert Variables

To make the Saved Reply Templates even more powerful, we made available a set of six content blocks that can be used to insert variables — both Google review-based, and location-based — directly into the response templates.

Users simply need to select the associated template based on the review stars and all the details will flow into the response edit area of the ReviewsInbox. Users can then tweak the response as necessary before sending it directly to the review platform. The location-based variables can be assigned individually or via bulk uploads.

Review Variables
{{locationName}} : Official location name provided by GMB
{{reviewerFullName}} : Reviewer full name provided by GMB
{{reviewerFirstName}} : Assumed reviewer first name (characters before the first space in the reviewerFullName)

Location Variables
{{replyLocationName}} : Friendly location name in the event that the official location name is not ideal for a response
{{replyGeoLocationName}} : Friendly name of the city, state, suburb, or neighborhood of the location
{{signature}} : Signature name or phrase to add to the responses based on the location

Variable based templates have their own section in the ReviewsInbox as we launch this new technology. To access a selection of 30 sample templates populated with review and location variables, you can visit our knowledge base article.

Intelligent Auto Response

You can now build campaigns to automatically respond to Google reviews while still following all of the best practices for timely, personalized, on-brand responses.

When a new review is received, the platform will compare it against a set of assigned triggers (star rating, content, store location, test campaign, and response ratio targets), select randomly from campaign assign response templates, and then send the response with the preferred timing delay and even during standard customer service hours. The goal is to allow brands to respond professionally and personally with responses that are indistinguishable from those sent manually.

Intelligent Auto Response
Creating a new Campaign

The primary use case is to efficiently engage with customers who provided a positive (4-Star & 5-Star) review but who didn’t provide associated comments. It varies significantly by business, but we typically see that 30% – 60% of the positive reviews do not contain comments.

Please see the video below for instructions on how to create your first campaign to automatically respond to your Google reviews.


Intelligent Auto Response is available for Google My Business and Facebook reviews. Over the next few months, we expect to make equivalent functionality available for all review platforms that support open APIs.

We invite you to reach out to our team at [email protected] to schedule a time to walk through all the details with a Client Success Analyst.

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