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12 Things to Know to Succeed with Google Posts

Counting on local SEO to boost business? Google My Business touts itself as being super user-friendly, and this year things got an update with Google Posts.

What’s Google Post?

Google Post allows small businesses to share daily special or promotions with customers. It makes sharing information about your business even easier. With the help of Google Post, you can also promote events, showcase your top products and highlights new arrivals.

Of course, there are still plenty of opportunities to make missteps using Posts. Here are 12 useful tips for making the best of Google Posts as Local Search evolves and updates.

  1. STOP keyword stuffing. The days of overloading on keywords are way over. Instead, Google My Business users should use Posts to consistently share promotions, sales, and other relevant business information.
  1. Stay centered. It’s crucial to be mindful of how images appear in your posts. Images should be center-weighted to prevent people and important details from getting cut off.
  1. Don’t stop – you could lose momentum. If you don’t post regularly, you’ll fall off the map. Your posts will only hang around for a week, or until an event is over.
  1. Track activity. Since Google post doesn’t integrate with Google Analytics, make sure to append the UTM codes to custom URLs to ensure you get the click activity.
  1. Fresh comes first. Your most recent post will take center stage and all older posts will show in a carousel below.


  1. Make text count – in less than 100 characters. Make sure the text in your Knowledge Panel is relevant, useful, and complete. You may have 300 characters total to work with, but mobile users will see those first 100 above your address.
  1. Sharing is simple. The ease with which you can share individual posts is a boon for local SEO. Each one has a unique URL – just click!
  1. Size images appropriately. Teeny-tiny images don’t rate. Images should be greater than 250×250.
  1. Always know what’s highly visible – and what isn’t. Your older content gets knocked down to the carousel, which only has room for ten posts. Visitors have to scroll through to see more than two and a half previous posts.
  1. Sorry, no GIFs. Or videos. It would be great if Google My Business users could use Posts to demonstrate a service or product, but alas, it’s not possible at this time.
  1. Sorry, no hotels, either. Hotels, as well as bed and breakfasts, aren’t included in this release.
  1. Plus rules don’t always apply. If you’ve posted on Google Plus, those URLs are indexed, but the unique URLs for individual Google Posts are not.

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