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How you ask for a review can make all the difference

Businesses Should Always Remind Customers To Leave Online Reviews. But It’s Not Enough To Just Ask For Reviews. It Matters How You Do It.

Research shows that informative and detailed reviews are much more valuable than star ratings. Potential customers are more likely to trust comments that include details about the reviewer’s experience. That’s why it’s important to encourage reviewers to leave reviews that specifically address customer concerns.

Everyone agrees that asking customers for online reviews is important. The problem is that no one tells you how to do it the right way. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how your business can create a review request that solicits detailed and valuable information from your customers.

Crafting A Request Around Customer Concern

Companies should craft review requests that specifically match their industry and what potential customers want to see in a review. This can be accomplished by mentioning specific details about the customer’s experience or by suggesting topics that might be of interest to potential customers.

For example, a real estate agent might compose the following review request for a customer:

“It was a pleasure working with you during your recent home search. I would greatly appreciate a thoughtful review of your experience. You might mention my knowledge of the local area, professionalism and ability to negotiate effectively. Thank you for your time and consideration!”

Creating A Roadmap For Customers

Customers are more likely to leave reviews for your business if you make the process easy and convenient. It’s helpful to provide customers with sample testimonials or a model that they can use when filling out a review. Businesses can even create a roadmap for crafting their own unique review request that emphasizes keywords or phrases commonly found in reviews. For the car sales industry, for example, the phrases found in 5-Star reviews often include:

  • Easy and straightforward process
  • Trustworthy
  • Professional service
  • Clear and honest communication
  • No games (price was exactly as negotiated)
  • Fair prices
  • Attentive to customer’s needs

By simplifying the review process, your business can increase both the quantity and quality of online customer feedback. Five-star reviews are great, but potential customers really appreciate detailed and informative reviews. By structuring the “ask” to address customer concerns, you can improve the feedback that your business receives.  

Crafting A Request Around Competitive Advantages

It’s okay to encourage customers to leave a positive review about your business. When structuring the “ask” for an online review, consider highlighting your business’s value and strengths. For example, a real estate agent might remind a client about the issues resolved while buying a home.

Thank you for for choosing me to help find your new home. I hope you were completely satisfied, and I invite you to leave feedback about your experience. I’ve noted a few of the issues resolved during the process and hope you found them helpful.

  • Negotiating a lower selling price
  • Securing carpet cleaning for the home
  • Identifying a compatible neighborhood

Crafting A Request With Questions

Another tactic to consider when crafting a review request is using questions. The questions should lead customers to consider positive elements of your business. For example, a real estate agent might use the following questions to structure the ask.

Thank you for choosing me to help find your new home. I hope you were completely satisfied, and I invite you to leave feedback about your experience. Here are a few questions that you can answer to write a review.

  • Why did you choose me to find your new home?
  • What was the best part of the experience?
  • Would you recommend my services to others?

By highlighting your company’s competitive advantage or reminding the customer about how you helped them, you can provide the basis for a positive review. Of course, this won’t guarantee that the customer will leave glowing feedback, but it does help to elicit a more detailed and informative review that potential customer will appreciate.

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