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Google My Business Adds Booking for Salon and Spa Appointments from Search

People perusing listings for local spas and salons can now effortlessly book an appointment with just a few taps via Search and Maps. This booking feature is anticipated to continue to roll out across a range of services since fitness classes became increasingly bookable over the last year.

What does this mean for Google My Business users who have beauty services on offer? Many of you won’t have to do a thing. Salons and spas who are already signed up with supported booking services will have that ‘book’ button automatically added to their listing.

Currently, Google my Business is supporting following booking providers.

  • Booksy
  • Bookatable
  • Appointy
  • Full Slate
  • Genbook
  • Mytime
  • Mindbody
  • Pike13
  • Rosy
  • SalonRunner
  • Setmore
  • Shore
  • Supersalon software
  • Wellnessliving
  • Yocale

If you aren’t signed up with a booking service, you can do so now, and Google will add the button to your listing in a matter of days.

Once users hit the button inviting them to book an appointment, they’ll be able to see more details before committing. Rates, as well as available services and times, can be viewed. And if the visitor uses Google Wallet, they can even pay up front.


The booking feature is a genius way for you to further capitalize on well-appointed listings. Salon owners who have uploaded video and photo, always respond to customer inquiries, and have a good amount of favorable reviews can see business increase in a very short period of time with that invitation to book displayed right on the listing.

Since this easy booking feature is enticing for potential customers, you might want to revisit and get the most out of it by making your listing as attractive as possible.

Ensure you’re using high-resolution, up-to-date images. Ask your favorite regulars to drop your business a review, if they haven’t already. Double check to make sure the information you provide online about your business is the same across all platforms. If you run multiple locations, make sure they’re represented.

Skeptical? Don’t see what all the fuss is about, really? Google My Business will keep track of how many appointments you get through this booking feature, so you can get a good idea of what kind of impact it’s having on your traffic.

If you haven’t noticed, people are relying on (and seem to genuinely prefer) communications via text over the usual dial-and-chat. We can reasonably assume that the ability to click into an appointment – without speaking to a receptionist – in less than a minute or so will be tempting for many of these people.


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