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August Releases: Intelligent Auto Response, API Update, GMB Audit Logs

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Intelligent Auto Response™

We are incredibly excited to see such positive client feedback for the Intelligent Auto Response™ campaign builder.

Full Campaign Control for Personalized Responses

Users are building unique campaigns for any number of locations, accessing up to 6 variables to craft a unique response for every review. Campaigns are designed to mimic a natural response pattern, using a variety of triggers, such as response ratios and response hours. Full details are available in the Auto Response Announcement.


Time Savings

Most LocalClarity profiles see between 1/4 and 1/2 of all Google reviews fall into the use-case scenario of “positive (4/5 Star) but without comments”. Clients are setting the responses on autopilot so they can focus exclusively on reviews that can benefit from specific attention and save time each month.


By responding to customer feedback, brands and agencies are demonstrating to Google a commitment to active customer engagement, triggering signals to improve local search positioning and local conversion rates.

Need Help Getting Started?

Let us know at [email protected] if you would like assistance setting up your first campaigns. We will work with you to set up customer response templates and the campaign details that match your exact processes. What will you do with all the time you save when you know longer need to worry about sending timely, personalized, and on-brand responses to a significant block of your reviews?

Next Steps

Several clients have requested the ability to not just manage reviews on a go-forward basis, but to also use the campaign processes to answer recent past reviews. We have this update planned for October.

LocalClarity API – GMB Insights

Available now to enterprise-level clients is the first of the LocalClarity APIs, GMB Insights.

With this API endpoint and token, clients can access up to 18 months of GMB Insights data for use directly within their own applications. This is a key part of our commitment towards giving brands more control over how they access and report on their entire local search presence and reputation data set.

As we continue to evolve, part of our 2019 roadmap is to make readily available the ability for brands to connect to and manage their GMB listings internally. To learn more about our API and how to connect, contact us at [email protected].

ListingClarity™ – GMB Audit Log

Our latest feature release is ListingClarity™, the industry’s first enterprise-class audit log reporting for GMB content. With this, brands and their agencies can manage details at scale and access a changelog for either their entire profile or on an individual location basis.


Critical Awareness of All Changes

Vital GMB listings details can be changed at any time, without notice by Google. Staying vigilant becomes increasingly difficult as the number of locations increases and the breadth of detail demanded by Google expands. LocalClarity is the only solution that provides users with perfect awareness of changes — both the “what” and the “when” — across any number of locations.

What’s New Here? Understanding Changes Over Time

By indexing every single GMB detail for every location for every week, LocalClarity builds a log report of every data element change. This log is made available in a universal report as well as in the Manage Locations detail pane.

This log can then serve as the cornerstone of all impact reporting. Want to know the impact of adding new categories? The log records the exact timeframe of the changes. Need to prove to a client all of the updates achieved for their network of locations? The reports tangibly demonstrate not just your efforts but the actual changes in GMB details.


To maintain our goal of helping brands and agencies to simplify, structure, and scale, all details are able to obtained and viewed either in a table or through a downloadable spreadsheet. We are still in the process of building our training materials and some of the client use-cases and will make them available soon.

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