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Google Releases API to Support Automated Google Post

Google has recently updated their Google My Business API to automate Google Posts via a third-party tool.

What does this mean for your business?

Well first. Let’s review Google Posts and what it does.

Google Posts

Google Posts was a fantastic addition to Google My Business. Its basic function is to aid local businesses by allowing them to update their information in real time.

Google Post allows small businesses to share daily special or promotions with customers. It makes sharing information about your business even easier. With the help of Google Post, you can also promote events, showcase your top products and highlights new arrivals.

The formerly unparalleled benefits of having the ability to update your company’s information in real time were then rivaled by Googles API release to support automated Google Posts.

API Support V4.0 for Automated Google Posts

Google has now updated Google My Business API to version 4.0, which adds new features including the ability to manage your Google Posts.

New support features allow you to create and edit your content right in Google Posts that will rank high in the search results when a user either types in your company name or is looking for information about a local business that is relevant to the information you have posted.

With this update, businesses can now create Posts through the API directly.

This is extremely relevant for a number of reasons, but most notably of which, this new update can provide third-party developers with the ability to create full automation tools.

This automation is akin to tools currently used for social media platforms that can schedule posts. By giving companies the ability to schedule and automate their content, they can better forecast their updates.

For example, if a business has a listing of scheduled events, such as a nightclub that features live music, content can then be created in advance and then scheduled to release on the dates leading up to the corresponding to the planned event. However, businesses will still have the ability to manually update this content should things change.

This applies to most businesses with 10 locations or less. Restaurants can plan specials and retailers can plan sales. The content can then be created and scheduled via third-party tools for complete automation – while maintaining the ability to update manually as you go if needed.

Not only does this provide local small businesses with clear benefits, but it also allows them to compete with larger businesses that may have a larger advertising budget. This update will essentially even the playing field.

It will be exciting to see which third-party tools add support for Google Posts first.


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