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Review & Reputation Guide – Property Management Edition

What you will learn from this Guide

This 35-page comprehensive guide provides a framework for how property management companies of all sizes can strategically approach review moderation and reputation management.

What you will get from this Guide

  • Recommendations for how to achieve strong review scores despite the industry challenges.
  • How most review management tools are not priced to accommodate the review to property ratio.
  • Tips for when, where, and how to respond to tenant reviews for the maximum benefit.
  • Short case studies and real-world stories that demonstrate the powerful impacts of both negative and positive reviews.
  • Best practice for getting more customers to share positive reviews
  • Tricks for handling special situations such as fraudulent reviews, no reviews, and top-position negative reviews.
  • Exploration of why reviews for property management companies have a strong negative bias compared to other industries.
Author: Henry Coleman

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